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Blue Code payment gateway
  • Blue Code payment gateway
Blue Code payment gateway

Blue Code payment gateway

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Bluecode’s vision is to build Europe's leading bank powered mobile payment network.Bluecode is a pan-European mobile payment solution for banks and retailers that allows fast, secure, and anonymous payments using mobile devices. At no time does Bluecode transmit or store personal data from the user’s smartphone (iOS and Android). Bluecode can be seamlessly integrated into existing banking apps or retail registers. With every purchase, Bluecode generates a single-use TAN that is valid for four minutes and displays it on the smartphone screen, triggering an anonymous payment directly from the customer’s debit account. The TAN is shown on the smartphone screen both as a blue barcode and numerical code, and works independent of specific transmission technologies: at the register, Bluecode will be scanned, at vending machines, it will be transmitted via Bluetooth, or QR Code when making online purchases. Additionally, Bluecode can be integrated with retailer loyalty rewards programs, facilitating a one-scan payment & loyalty process at the register. The TAN is displayed on the smartphone as a blue barcode and as a numerical code and can be used independently of the transmission technology: At the cash desk, the blue code is scanned, transferred to vending machines via Bluetooth and typed in onlineshops. In addition, it is possible to link to the dealer's merchant card programs so that the payment & loyalty process at the cash desk can be processed with a scan.


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