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dibs payment gateway
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dibs payment gateway

dibs payment gateway

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Covering Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania.
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DIBS Payment Services is an online payment services provider headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, DIBS Payment Services is an online payment services provider. The company listed on Nordic-based stock exchange NASDAQ First North, in June 2007. DIBS seeks to address the problem of consumers cancelling mobile e-commerce transactions when presented with complex or unattractive payment windows. The company solves this via its DX platform which allows e-commerce vendors to design their own unique, simple payment window. DX then automatically adapts this window for different devices (computers, mobiles and tablets) so the format remains consistent and attractive. It is supported by two legacy platforms D2 and DebiTech which offer similar capabilities. DIBS is capable of processing bank transfer, card, in-app and invoice payments. The company operates exclusively within the Nordic region. The company offers payments in more than 260 currencies and has processed more than 1bn transactions to date. It currently has more than 15,000 customers across 20 countries. DIBS employs more than 100 staff across its offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


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