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Ixopay payment gateway
  • Ixopay payment gateway
Ixopay payment gateway

Ixopay payment gateway

Based in Vienna, Austria. Covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latam, Oceania, India.
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IXOPAY is a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified white label payments & enterprise merchants gateway. IXOPAY is a PCI certified payment gateway for white label payments and enterprise merchants. The independent and fully scalable platform enables you to manage and control your transactions efficiently and safely at one place. With just a single API integration you get connected to +200 national and international payment methods to offer your clients their favorite payment method. Our profit-maximizing features support online businesses to save money and maximize revenue: *) Boost your conversion rate with a customized and user-friendly checkout-process (payment.js Javascript Form API) *) Highest security and storage of clients' credit-card data in a PCI-certified environment *) Avoid chargebacks and fraud with individually set risk rules (Risk Management Engine) *) Route your transactions with different cost-effective payment routing strategies (Smart Routing & Cascading) *) In-depth view of all transactions via our Transaction Monitor in real-time *) The Fee Management Engine calculates every type of fee structure in real time *) Reconciliation & Settlement *) Backup & Fallback Solution *) Stats & Reports in real-time The IXOPAY gateway supports enterprise merchants to process all transactions of their subsidiaries, brands, web-shops, etc. on one single platform. Thus, they can save money when handling all transactions from one source using our versatile features. On the other hand the platform offers PSPs a white label solution of the gateway. They can use the platform with all its features with their own corporate identity (brand, logo, colors, etc.). The platform was build from experts with nearly 20 years of experience in the payment-industry and provides a state-of-the-art technology that prepares you for growth and global business expansion.


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