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lemon way payment gateway
  • lemon way payment gateway
lemon way payment gateway

lemon way payment gateway

Based in Montreuil, Ile-de-France, France. Covering Europe.
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Lemon Way is a payment institution dedicated to e-commerce websites, crowdfunding platforms and marketplaces. Lemon Way is a white-label B2B platform that offers payment processing, wallet management and third-party payment solutions for joint gifts, crowdfunding, e-commerce, carsharing, mobiles, and marketplaces. With a range of complementary regulation and management services to its name, the company enables its clients to follow real-time back-office operations, carry out documentation, and fight payment fraud. Lemon Way also offers an API that can integrated into a client’s current payment systems.Lemon Way is a Payment Institution dedicated to E-commerce websites, CrowdFunding platforms, Marketplaces and FinTech companies looking for payment processing, wallet management and third-party payment in a KYC/AML-regulated framework. 1,000 European marketplaces in addition to 11,0000 e-merchants use its service, generating a yearly cash flow of €1.4 Billion in 2017 The #1 French FinTech company: since its launch, Lemon Way has enjoyed positive word-of-mouth between start-ups. The result: 4.4 m customer payment accounts opened in four years and a turnover of €11m in 2017. An independant Financial Institution: Lemon Way has been self-financing its growth since it was created in 2007, making it the only independent player in its market. Lemon Way is approved by the French regulator and is licensed to operate in 30 European countries. The company employs 85 people based in Paris (HQ), London, Barcelona, Berlin, Turin and plans to recruit 40 more people this year.


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