The Van de Velden family has been the driving force behind CCV from the very start. To this day we continue to be a family business – albeit one that has grown to an international enterprise of some stature – in which we work closely and communicate directly like a family. Over the past decades, we have acquired a vast store of expertise and experience in payment solutions. Although our roots are in technology, we are much more than techies. We stand together with entrepreneurs, working side by side on new solutions to help them become even more successful. Now and in the future. Your success is our success.

Our ambition

Everything starts with enterprising spirit – yourenterprising spirit. We have great admiration for the fire that drives you and brings about success for your business. As such, we do everything we can to relieve you of as many burdens as possible – including administration, transactions, strategic insights – so that you have all the time to spend on what you do best: doing business.

What we do

We take all payment-related cares off the entrepreneur's hands. Over 137,000 entrepreneurs have come to rely on our expertise. We lighten their administrative burden, offer the tools to analyse the data from their business and give them inspiring insights. We put them in touch with similar types of entrepreneurs. And we offer point-of-sale terminals and innovative solutions such as a smart tablet cash desk or a webshop strategy. Everything to run their business with greater ease and efficiency.