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RatePAY payment gateway
  • RatePAY payment gateway
RatePAY payment gateway

RatePAY payment gateway

Based in Berlin, Germany. Covering Europe.
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Ratepay are specialised in online payment solutions RatePAY is the perfect payment partner for a successful e-commerce business. They optimize the payment process in the checkout of an online shop with their products. Merchants can offer their customers safe and popular payment methods such as instalment payments, open invoice and direct debit. Merchants transfer the risk of default payments directly to RatePAY while increasing their revenue at the same time. * They offer an all in one package They bring together all parties involved and take over the organisation, management and coordination of all upcoming tasks. They assume the full responsibility for their efficient risk management themselves, since they are experts in this field and continually work on fostering, tailoring and optimising their audit and assessment methods. They also undertake tasks as debtor management. As far as their technology is concerned, they rely on powerful methods, tools and service providers. * They understand e-commerce RatePAY GmbH was founded in late 2009 by internet and payment experts. They are a young, professional and highly motivated company. They are constantly looking for the best possible innovative solutions. Together with the experience and expertise of their entire staff, their service providers and consultants, this is reflected in each of their products. RatePAY GmbH is part of the Otto Group.


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