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Viveum payment gateway
  • Viveum payment gateway
Viveum payment gateway

Viveum payment gateway

Based in Vienna, Austria. Covering Europe.
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Viveum is an independent provider and optimizer of online payment systems. A Payment Service Provider (PSP) provides online retailers with a technical infrastructure that enables them to receive payments on the Internet, eg via credit cards, online transfer, PayPal, etc. Based in Vienna, they are an independent PSP and optimizer of online payment systems. In doing so, they use outsourced technology services, adapting them individually to the needs of their customers and then accompanying them continuously. All payment transactions that flow through your sales channels are collected in the back end of the payment system, analyzed and made available to you for optimal sales management. In addition, they offer value-added services for ticketing, gift cards and the online shop or solutions for improving the conversion rate, as well as protection against data misuse or fraud for banks, insurance companies, media companies, tourism, commerce, commerce and services. They have a team of experts working as a banking, insurance, industrial, commercial and trade partner, covering a wide variety of topics, advising clients not just on payments, but more generally on digital transformation and developing solutions.


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